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    Ben Wilson

    Thanks for your suggestions to integrate with Google Keep.

    Unfortunately, an integration with Google Keep is currently not possible as they don’t have a public API for us to integrate with. If/when they do provide an API for us to work with we will certainly look into integration options. 

    In the meantime, we suggest that you share your interest to Google on their Google Keep API support forum topic.

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    yeah this will be a hit


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    Please, for the love of all things holy, integrate google keep. You already do google task (which is garbage) so why not do google keep which is so much better? I already use google keep on my phone and on my laptop so integrating it would make my life that much easier. 

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    Matt Korich

    Agreed! Please implement when they create the API (if they ever do). Starred the support forum topic so playing the waiting game. (kinda like gardening... plant and hope something grows).

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    Google Keep would be great!  Google seems to be moving away from GTask.


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    Seems to me that if Google worked with you on one app, they would most certainly be willing to work with you on another.  They must know it brings them more downloads.  For instance, I never heard of google keep until this moment, and you people have my interest piqued.

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    Seems like Google Keep integration is unlikely, after following the recommended link above. Disappointed. Might be worthwhile to finally get used to using Evernote or OneNote, though I cringe at the idea of such corporate solutions :/

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    Reony Tonneyck

    @Deb I wouldn't necessarily say that. There are over 1000 people who have commented on the issue. It could happen. Same goes for Google Reminders, tons of people are asking to make an API for that as well.

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    Roland Yong

    Google keep would actually make me pay for Momentum 

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    Google Tasks is great, but Keep would be amazing... I've already +1 the API request.

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    Looking forward to Google Keep integration!

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